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Yidnekatchew Tessema
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St. George proves to be the best football team in Ethiopia

St. George is with out any doubt one of the most successful Ethiopian football clubs. Since its establishment in 1935, the club enjoyed frequent periods of success. In the last 11 years for instance, St. George has won 7 out of 10 Ethiopia premier league
Championship tittles, including the Midroc Millennium Ethiopia Premier League of the 2007/08 season.

team1In its traditional colors of red and yellow, St. George lifted the aforementioned Midroc Ethiopia Millennium trophy on June 1st with sticker Salhadin Seid with an incredible 21 goals become top scorer. This achievement yielded a huge satisfaction for the management of the club which has a large fan base and has a string of long standing rivalries with several other clubs; the most notably their fiercest opponent Ethiopian coffee better known as “Buna”.

The recent success of St. George has been mainly down to the tactical genius of Serbian Micho, who was appointed manager in 2005. A new training regime accompanied by strong administrative and financial backing as well as an injection of foreign players lifted St. George to the position of unbeaten champions of the Ethiopian primer league this year.


team2In this process the professional players namely Kalious Bula , Honington Asani and Bajope from Uganda, Solomon Apace from Ghana and George from Kenya successfully complemented the existing Ethiopia talent.

With a growing reputation of league wins, the St. George club administration, supporters and the rest of Ethiopian fastball fan wishes to see St. George as one of the strongest clubs in the continent of Africa too.