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EFF revised 4th week fixture

Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) revised 4th week fixture

EFF revised the coming Sunday’s (Nov 11th) fixture citing the renovation in the Addis Ababa Stadium. According to EFF, the running track in the stadium is being renovated. Therefore, all the games scheduled to be played in A.A Stadium (until the end of this weekend) will be moved to Abebe Bikila Stadium. Saint George’s game against Eth. Water Sports Football club is also one of the games moved to Abebe Bikila Stadium.

Here follows the list of games moved to Abebe Bikila Stadium:

1.    EEPCO against Adama  - Sunday , Nov 11th 2:00PM at Abebe Bikila Stadium
2.    Eth Water Sports against Saint George – Sunday , Nov 11th  4:00PM at Abebe Bikila Stadium
3.    Dedebit against Eth. Insurance – Sunday , Nov 11th  6:00 PM at Abebe Bikila Stadium