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Yidnekatchew Tessema
Mengistu Worku

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fan1One thing's for certain, though. When speaking of soccer fans the Brazilian and the English lead the pack to backing their teams. And traveling to the continent of Africa and without any exception for a special treatment the St. George's fans lead their team with high regard and admiration.

Of course, it should be known whatever troubles the club went through and all the ills inherited passed on to the fans of the club. The "now you see it and now you don't" government imposed decisions upon the club equally imposed unnecessary silence on the fans. The fans sacrificed their lives without any fear of police batons, military guns and physical abuses for the mere existence of the team that brought them pride by its hard work in bringing them so many championships.

fan2The fans never waved their allegiance to the St. George team. In 1986 after a heated angry dispute of international tournament in the Addis Stadium the St. George team play the Kenyan Brewery for African Club championship in the city of Jimma; yet thousands of the team's supporters traveled south to Jimma to cheer their team.

At the time the nation was under strict government declared curfew. The fans on that day were never been disappointed and St. George won the game. It was then and there the city of Jimma found the uncontrollable expressions of the fans to their beloved team.

The officials of the city of Jimma found out that evening and in fact until dawn that the law was broken and they had no means of stopping the joy-filled expression of the fans but had to overlook the state imposed curfew for that particular night. To this day St. George is considered for having the twelfth player in their team; which is the fans.

The love the fans express, the belief they portray of the very principal of team spirit, be it winning or losing, their peaceful attitude towards other fans and most of all their exemplary nature to backing their team needs our utmost appreciation to these loyal fans as well as the team members.